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Headquarters, Warrior's Weekend Field of Honor

We have some exciting news for this year's Warrior's Weekend Field of Honor!
First, the "good" news. For the first time ever, the Field of Honor Team is seeking out 50 student Ambassadors (from elementary thru college!) who would like to earn a Warrior's Weekend Field of Honor Scholarship. Students can earn the scholarship by providing a way for individuals, families, and even businesses to celebrate the service and sacrifices of Veterans and those currently serving in the Military...through Field of Honor flag sponsorships. 

Here's WHY...
This year we have seen many students who have been unable to participate in flag sales with their youth or school organizations. This is a way for students to earn money for their own projects, school expenses, or toward whatever they wish to apply the scholarship money. We want to pay it forward to the NEXT GENERATION, but we want it to be earned, not just given in order for it to have a meaningful impact. 

Now here's the GREAT news...
All your student has to do is sell flag sponsorships to earn a Warrior's Weekend Scholarship. It's simple...for each and every flag sponsorship you sell for $40, you will be awarded $20 PER sponsorship! The BEST PART...there is NO LIMIT to the number of flag sponsorships you will be allowed to sell; which means NO LIMIT to the amount of money paid as a scholarship!!

To sign up please all or text Mrs. Nancy Borden at  361-649-5875. She will help you get started.  DO IT SOON! This opportunity will end on April 21st! Flag Posting is on MAY 1st! 

Let's make this the year that more Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen are honored at the Field than ever before!


Col Mike Petrash
Director, WW Field of Honor




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