Warrior's Weekend XV
May 21-23, 2021


If you have signuped for last year's event, we WILL need you to resubmit!! 

If you sent in your DD214, let us know and we will locate that paperwork so that you do not have to again.  Please be aware, we may still contact you to request it.


Criteria will be posted with instruction for registration,

as well as for documents that will need to be submitted. 

PLEASE NOTE: Family Members will NOT be invited this year due to restrictions and availability.

If you are participating in the The Purple Heart Challenge on August 7th, please note that we will be inviting to ONE event only. For instance, you may not attend both the Purple Heart Challenge and Main Event.

Once a file for each application has been made the SELECTION committee will review and contact you with their decision.  Contact will be at a time closer to the event.